as a company and a part of the inline skating community, dead would like to apologize for our handling of the sexual assault allegations from Victoria Acevedo against Chris Farmer regarding their time in the summer of 2014 at roskilde.

Victoria Acevedo came to our community six weeks ago to speak about her trauma and we want to apologize for not publicly recognizing this sooner. working with her to resolve her grievances against Chris should have been an immediate priority, and while we worked to resolve things internally, we failed to acknowledge what was going on behind the scenes. Chris Farmer will no longer be a part of dead wheels.

inline skating is a community built upon independent voices and we want to foster an environment where everyone feels safe, heard and validated. as stewards of our community we strive to foster a culture of inclusivity in which anyone feels they can participate without fear or judgment. unfortunately we failed in doing so. we want to apologize to Victoria and our community as well as promise to be better role models and community members moving forward.

we hope that Victoria and Chris are able to begin their healing process.